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Stop the Violence! Prevention Outreach Cesar Chavez Student Say Stop the Violence! Children Speaking Out Dr. Joyce Jones Editor May, 2013

PEACE MOVEMENT Seek to Find and Follow Peace


“Stop the Violence!” Prevention Outreach

Shawanda, Dr. Jones, Tanya, Jean

We are an independent group of parents, grandparents, guardians and youth organized to stand and unite with our children rallying “Stop the Violence!” to demonstrate love and nonviolence.

There is still love, somebody does still care, and that there is a way of handling conflict without blowing up going to get a gun. Violence echoes our city streets.

Our children have so many issues and concerns, they need to be heard. They need to express themselves on the things happening in their world.

On Wednesday May 22, 2013 in the afternoon after the children lunch time at Cesar Chavez Academy, in Southwest Detroit, Two Peace Movement Rallies begin back to back with over 450 upper elementary students (3rd-5th grades) along with the principal Mr. David Meloche, staff, teachers, parents and some visitors including Maurielle Lue, Newscaster at Fox2News that did a wonderful inspiring coverage that aired at 5:30 p.m. on the evening news.

Thank you WE WANT PEACE!

Mr. David Meloche, Principal

I want to share our thanks and appreciation with Cesar Chavez Academy Principal, staff, teachers, parents and visitors for everything that you personally did to make the students feel special and important. Words cannot express all that was done in love and the welcome excitement from everyone.

Thank you!

Our Next Rally held on June 6, 2013 10 a.m. -12:30 p.m. at Cobo Hall Center Downtown Jefferson Ave.

Ready For Your Rally! Contact us at 313.221.3000 Mail: P.O. Box 4253 Southfield, MI 48037


Share your thoughts and feelings on violence in your school, neighborhood, and city and the difference you can make 3rd and 4th Grade Students Comments

“Be the change you to want to see”

 I can change bullying by speaking up and just walk away.

 Violence makes me disappointed and angry. I want to make a difference.

 When we have lockdown it effects our learning time.

 I don’t like violence and lockdown is even scarier.

 I feel so happy because we have a city that never gives up on us, they are counting on us. School is special to us.

 I get mad at those who use violence. It affects me because I care about people.

 It makes me embarrassed.

 I ‘m sad because bullying is not cool somebody can get hurt. If you are a bully you should not be hurting other people or students.

 Students that are nice and thoughtful should get away from the bullies

 Tell a Teacher or Adult

 Nobody in my family likes violence; also I believe no one in my class likes violence.

 I feel they should get rid of killing games, guns, and exploiting stuff.

 I’ve never been bullied and I don’t know how it feels, but I know others that have.

 People that bully others just to do it or to get attention.

 I get a weird feeling on the inside of me when I heard or see violence.

 I am angry and I am a bully.

 I feel bad about violence because I might hit others and I will get detention and then I am grounded.

 Violence affects me when students say bad things about other students.

 I feel sad for the people who died at the movie theater children and adults.

 We should stop killing and bullying little kids.

 Think before we do anything bad.

 Keep our minds clean

 I can make difference by doing the right thing.

 I can help by having people join together to stop the Violence.

 I could put up No bullying signs everywhere in the schools as a reminder.

 Ask people to put their knives and guns away.

 I’m going to make a difference by stop being a bully myself.

 The difference I wish I could by putting cameras in schools, neighborhoods, city and states. And put up signs that say Violence is no longer allowed.

 I can try to teach people not to be violent.

 I think I can make a difference by persuading the school to send home

letters to parents No Violence! Or a little video showing violence and how it feels.

 Well I can make a difference, I will go to class every day and tell the students to be nice to one another and be happy.

 I can help by having a neighborhood watch, watching out for one another.

 I can make a difference by becoming the President of the USA.

 By being good and kind to a adults, don’t fight or put my hands on anyone else, don’t be mean to the teacher, and no swearing at someone else.

 If I could make a difference I would put security guards at in all the doors from morning until we leave school.

 I could make a difference by not yelling and touching other people things.

4th Graders

• I don’t like violence because they killed my cousin. A lot of people are dying and it is really sad. I hate violence.

• I think that there should be more police patrolling the streets.

• I think violence is cruel, but violence is everywhere and that sucks. Violence to me is like bullying.

Share your thoughts and feelings on violence in your school, neighborhood, and city and the difference you can make 4th and 5th Grade Students Comments

“Be the change you to want to see”

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 In first grade I was bullied by a second grader, I was scared.

 I can help by making a bully free zone

 I can make a difference by not being mean, but being nice. Not teasing or pushing kids around and stop threatening them.

 I would make a difference by not being a bully to anybody, I will not make anybody sad or disappointed to make them be my friends.

 I feel like I get bullied every day when I go outside to play.

 I don’t think it is funny. It is not cool. I think that the bullies should think about what they are doing. I don’t think that it right. It really is bad.

 I sometimes talk to my mom and she says to stand up for myself.

 My friends and I are always picked on; name calling and teasing.

 I think that violence is horrible and awful. Kids your parents should not have to go through that. Well that’s my opinion.

 Violence is similar to bullying it is really bad

 I do not like the violence in Detroit and schools because it hurts my heart.

 I can make a difference by not starting rumors.

 Stop bullying and speak up

 I can stop playing so rough.

 I can make a speech on peace.

 I can pray for people, bullies, and violence.

 I know how it feels to be bullied I don’t want others to feel that way.

 As a community make a parade for peace.

5th graders

• I think what causes violence is that people are jealous of each other either because they have something they want or they have a lot of money.

• I can start a group to encourage our peers to stop the violence.

• I want to change the world because there is no peace or calmness. You can’t do anything because people are hurting one another.

• I am uncomfortable and worried.

• We all have got to help stop the violence.

• I am stressing over all this violence. People are suffering.

• I think and feel that violence is a big thing. This makes me feel very unsafe and worried.

• I think making peaceful protests can help, changing the environment so it can be safe. We need more organizations to help and with everyone working together.

• I am really not happy with all this violence who invited it?

• Violence makes me feel that I am not in a world that is safe.

• When there is violence outside of the school we have a lockdown and it is a waste of our time to learn and if we don’t learn we won’t be smart.

• I feel sad and upset our city will soon turn into a disaster zone.

• Violence is something I hate. It’s not okay to have this much violence in the world. It’s scary when it happens to someone in your family. I grew up in Detroit, and I’m finally getting tired of it. Why can’t people think before they do it?

• I’m scared when on the news the guy went into the school and killed so many people especially the little innocent kids.

• It was scary to see my neighbor hit his wife and their children crying.

• I feel scared because it is scary. I haven’t seen violence. But I have heard. I am scared because someone might just come and try.

• We have to try and face our fears so this world can be a better place when I am grown with my own family.

• I feel scared in my neighborhood there a lot of fires, and abandon houses.

Share your thoughts and feelings on violence in your school, neighborhood, and city and the difference you can make 5th Grade Students Comments

“Be the change you to want to see”

 They killed my Uncle.

 One day I went home to find my house burned down.

 The number one thing I hate about violence is blood.

 At least 20 kids a day are being bullied.

 Stop the bullying

 In Detroit a lot of people are dying, in school lots of kids are being bullied, people are dying because of gang wars.

 Violence doesn’t solve anything and some people do it on purpose.

 I’m not the only one that can make a difference we all could by saying and doing the right thing.

 I want to know when will it be over. When will it stop?

 In the games you have to shoot, in some of the games it says Jesus hates you and that is not true. Almost all boys like to play games like that.

 I have a lot of violence on my street car crashes, shootings and sometimes it is really close to the house.

 I am worried about all this violence.

 I hate violence it’s horrible, it is the worst thing on this planet.

 I feel that it’s my fault.

 I can help by starting a stop the bully club.

 Do a Rally 5-22-13

 Make a commercial about ending violence all around the world.

 I can make a difference by solving my own problems without violence. I would use words that express how I feel and why. I would ask others why they want to fight and make each other feel bad.

 I don’t feel good violence is all around us and we are not safe.

 Looking at the news with all its violence. It really hurt me and my friends we can’t go outside knowing that bad things are happening. Can’t even ride my bike around the block any more.

 When someone comes to your house and start fighting for no reason. That makes me think, if they are the grown-ups which I look up to can do it this, wouldn’t you think that it is alright for me to do it too?

 I don’t hate my country but I am disappointed. It makes me scared to go places like the fair, park or parades.

 I really don’t know how to make a difference.

 Every time I see an unexpected violent situation, it adds on a new feeling inside of me. Violence is everywhere and at any time. I am always on the watch wherever I go.

 My feelings about violence are useless, because why would people just viciously kill each other? I mean there is only one of us and we should respect that.

 Stopping the violence will take a lot of work. You can make a difference by taking one step at a time.

 Bullying has become a really big problem at a lot of schools. Some think the answer to stop the bullying is death. Killing yourself is very violent.

 I personally would love to see a change or a difference.

 Lockdowns are important to protect everyone and keep us safe.

 How can I make a difference by being the bigger person and turn and go tell a teacher the situation.

 The way I feel about violence in Detroit, I am scared and concerned. I mean it’s not a game. Kids getting put into peoples car and they don’t even know them. There are murders running the streets killing innocent people! You never know it could be your mom, dad, brother or sister and even a loving wife of husband. But that’s all gone because they took the thin g you can never get back and that is your life.

 Thanks for giving us a voice